To promote Human Values through Education & Culture

The Role of an Individual

When we stop looking at ourselves, when we no longer question ourselves, we become self-righteous and dogmatic. Our discourse becomes a one way street; we cannot hear others, and real dialogue becomes impossible.

The kind of dialogue that can create peace with others must start with an open and an earnest ‘inner dialogue’.

“A great human revolution in the life of a single individual can transform the destiny of an entire society and can make possible a change in the destiny of human kind.”- Daisaku Ikeda

To increase the effectiveness of international institutions and to create new institutions at the international and national levels will require committed action by individuals and civil society organizations. We all need to realize that with rights come responsibilities. Change does not occur magically. It occurs because individuals engage with societal problems and take actions to create a better world. Often, change occurs person to person. Each of us can be an agent for change in the world. We are each as powerful as we choose to be