To promote Human Values through Education & Culture

Moving the World

The SGI is an active participant in the United Nations as a recognized non-governmental organization. As an NGO in consultative status with the United Nations, the SGI is active in awareness-raising and public education focusing on peace, disarmament, human rights and sustainable development. Humanitarian relief has also been an important field of activity for the SGI.

SGI exhibitions such as "Seeds of Change: The Earth Charter and Human Potential" seek to foster an ethos of responsibility for global and social issues. 

The thrust of the organization's social engagement philosophy is distilled into "Peace, culture and education, the underlying basis of which is humanism." Peace, culture and education have become the standard of the SGI organization and this formulation continues to guide the broad range of activities that SGI organizations and individual members carry out in their respective societies.

Supporting the UN

As president of the SGI, Ikeda has issued annual peace proposals since 1983--the year the SGI was accredited as a nongovernmental organization with ties to the UN--containing ideas grounded in Buddhist humanism for viable responses to global issues. These are shared with heads of governments, other NGOs, academic institutions and UN officials. A central and consistent focus of these proposals has been on ways of revitalizing and strengthening the role of the UN.

Soka Gakkai volunteers, mainly youth, collected some 13 million signatures for the global antinuclear campaign, Abolition 2000. 

"The United Nations must serve as the key venue and focus for our efforts," Ikeda asserts. "Humanity faces a range of complex issues that show no regard for national borders--threats such as terrorism, armed conflict, poverty, environmental degradation, hunger and disease. A reformed and strengthened UN is essential to mustering effective responses to the global challenges of the new era."

The proposals further help define and provide a focus for the peace activities undertaken by SGI organizations around the world.Ikeda himself has held dialogues with Secretary Generals Kurt Waldheim, Javier Peréz de Cuellar and Boutros Boutros-Ghali, and is recipient of the United Nations Peace Medal and the UNHCR Humanitarian Award.