To promote Human Values through Education & Culture


Peace is a state of being, a state where in practicing non violence becomes a natural instinct, not only in action but at the core of the ‘thought’ itself.

We need to awaken to a ‘common consciousness’ of being all inhabitants of earth. This consciousness is not to be found in some distant place. It lies in our ability to share the pain of our fellow human beings. It is the spirit that says: “As long as you are suffering, whoever you are and whatever your suffering maybe, I suffer also.” Daisaku Ikeda.

Such a land where people with genuine compassion for life and humanity live together with an aim to help each other in realizing their full potential naturally becomes a land of peace and harmony.

Doctor Martin Luther King Jr., declared

“A person whose spirit is in turmoil cannot truly practice non-violence. From a healed, peaceful heart, humility is born; from humility, a willingness to listen to others is born; from a willingness to listen to others, mutual understanding is born; and from mutual understanding a peaceful society is born”.