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The World Is Yours to Change


The World Is Yours to Change

By Daisaku Ikeda

“How then, can we transform enmity to empathy, conflict to coexistence?” asks Daisaku Ikeda, the author of this book, “The World Is Yours to Change.”

He believes that it is impossible to imagine that humans have been born in this world “to hate and harm each other.” The underlying emphasis of this book lies on the thought borrowed from his work titled, “The Human Revolution” which states: “A great human revolution in the life of a single individual can transform the destiny of an entire society, and can make possible a change in the destiny of all humankind.”

This publication is a collection of essays based on Daisaku Ikeda’s “impressions and views” on some renowned personalities and thinkers including: Mahatma Gandhi, Prof. Torao Kawasaki, Dr. Arnold Toynbee, Archbishop Oscar Romero and Dr. Shin Anzai.

In this conversationally written book, “The World Is Yours to Change,” Daisaku Ikeda touches upon highly significant and thought-provoking issues. As he very succinctly says, “If we look across the vast landscape of history, the life of one person may seem small and insignificant. Yet the courageous cry of even a single individual standing up for justice can light a flame in the hearts of thousands and change the course of human history.”