To promote Human Values through Education & Culture

In What Way Culture Leads to Peace

Through culture we expand the network of humanity, expand the circle of friends and spread the word of peace in a much deeper level, it’s the heart to heart bonding. Culture is a powerful weapon and a fundamental pre requisite for peace. So we see that there is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world and that is, an idea whose time has come...  peace is often characterized as a state of tranquility a utopia free from conflict. Through music and culture one can open up new paths and each step towards the ultimate goal of world peace will be worthwhile, no matter how small it might appear now.

In sharing art & culture, it’s crucial to have a commitment to mutual development and enrichment. Violence tears people apart, while the arts unite people. No matter what the state of the society or the times, each of us can contribute to peace in our immediate environment. We can do this by encouraging even one young person & enabling them to tap into their potential. For example the oyunsky sakha academic theatre produces plays that clearly reflect the authors’ commitment to the welfare of the people & are not simply for the art's sake. This is based on the firm belief that, only when actors as human beings have genuine concern for the lot of the common people, can their talent & passion communicate to the audience, and their performances move & inspire sympathy.

 Dr. Daisaku Ikeda says,"Our soka youth are the north stars guiding the way to a new global comunity. With their eyes shining with unflagging enthusiasm & genuine sincerity, may they awaken the people's hearts, & leave behind a magnificent epic of triumph of good & justice in the annals of the 21st century."